Halloween Fun!

Ninja Turtle, Ghoul, and Frankenstein face painting

Halloween fun face painting!

Halloween is one of my family’s favorite holidays. We love the creative costumes., the crazy amound of candy, fun parties and the countless trick-or-treaters (usually around 1000) who descend on our neighborhood. All of it!

My fondness for this fun and frivolous holiday started in May! Yes, May of 1990 when my oldest daugher was turning 6. I had recently discovered a book on throwing theme parties fr children’s birthdays. The book was so good it inspired me to start my own business doing children’s entertainment.  I shared the book with my daughter in order to give myself some experience before I started my venture. It didn’t take her long to pick out the “Spooky Spectacular” theme for her party. She invited neighbors and classmates from kindergarten to don their costumes and show up for two hours of Halloween fun in —- May!!

We constructed a huge spider web in the dining room, ate pumpkin cupcakes, played pin the hat on the witch and other spooky games. Monster Mash and other music accompanied the fun. The party was such a huge hit that we repeated it for her seventh birthday.

Witch, zombie, pregnant, and big bird costumes for Halloween

Scary baby shower!

In the following years we enjoyed lots of parties and trick-or-treating. We had Halloween fun whenever we could. We even had a Halloween baby shower! On Independence Day, we entered our neighborhood parade and used the fun of Halloween costumes to march as The Scooby Doo Gang, The Addams Family, Brady Bunch, and others. We always won the prize for the family entry.

Enjoy Halloween and carry it forward into other celebration!

Shout out to my awesome daughter for some of the photos. Check out more pictures here http://bit.ly/2paXjlu