Back To School

As Hannah sits in the chair across from me I try to think of kid-friendly conversation. She is a cute little six-year-old who visits me often at the Burger King Family Night in Brownsburg. Tonight she has chose an “Elsa” design that we have found on my phone. As I begin painting her forehead in shades of light and dark blue, I ask her if she’s excited about going back to school. She happily replies that she is! She will be in first grade and is looking forward to a new teacher and reuniting with her friends after summer break.

Back to School is early in this part of Indiana. The kids in Brownsburg and other suburbs are headed back in late July. All of the back to school buzz brings me back to my own childhood. My favorite part of the new school year was the preparation. My mother taking me out to buy school clothes, back packs, and lunch boxes with my favorite characters on them. And, if I was very lucky… the Crayolas that had 64 different colors in them!

As an adult with four children,

Cute clown with orange wig and wonderful smile

Is this what I studied for? Haha

the end of summer was more bittersweet. It was exciting to meet the new teachers and get into the routine of more stringent bed times and new bus stops. On the other hand the carefree days of taking the kids swimming and having impromptu sleepovers came to a swift end. Also there was the burden of long lists of school supplies , book rental fees, PTO membership, fees, and uniforms. As the children became older, the lists of necessities became more complicated and expensive. I was always relieved when extra parties and events showed up on my schedule to alleviate the school supply struggle.

I notice that the now July has become the unofficial Back To School Bash party month. It seems as if every church, charity, or community organization offers Back To School celebrations. The events are always fun! The feature bounce houses, face painting, balloons, hot dogs, cotton candy, free school supplies, and much more. The children have a blast and the adults are provided with some relief – as well as information on immunizations and other school related topics.

I am privileged to be a part of these shindigs as a children’s entertainer. As a citizen of Indiana I give kudos to Indy and the surrounding suburbs for making this busy, stressful time easier and more enjoyable for everyone.